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dancing in water

Dimensions: 30 in. by 40 in.
Status: Not available
Dancing in Water Lit by Firelight
"Wake up! Wake up! For your light has come, rise up and shine; Awaken, awaken, utter a song, The glory of Hashem is revealed on you." Modern philosophers say that our sense of the transcendent is just misinterpreted brain stimuli, but I know we are dancing under moonlight and that is as true as it gets.

waiting for rain

Dimensions: 30 in. by 48 in.
Status: Available
Waiting for Rain in Malibu
We were promised rain and we waited, collecting moons, sheltered by Angels.

girl with kitten outlinegirl with kitten

Dimensions: 30 in. by 48 in.
Status: Available
Girl with Kitten and Foreshortened Angel (inspired by Lucien Freud)
Check out Girl with Kitten by Lucien Freud (son of Sigmund) but beware of his other artwork - NSFW. I didn't live through WW2, so I can't capture the look in their eyes. My girl and kitten are happy and not shell shocked, living among all my ususal pretty things.


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