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neo platonism

Dimensions: 36 in. by 36 in.
Status: Available
Ode to Neo-Platonism
I am re-listening to the Great Courses lecture series the Philosophy and Religion in the West by Professor Phillip Cary. Neo Platonism added the concept of the soul to Judaism and Christianity. The soul longs to see the Divine Mind and does so by turning inward and upward. Prior to this, there was no soul the way we think of it today in Judaism or Christianity.The "Soul" was a Hellenistic idea that was "incorporated" into our traditions. The painting shows "the One", the "world soul" and the "phenomenal world" and the way they intersect.

neo platonism

Dimensions: 36 in. by 48 in.
Status: Available
Flowing water and Transparent beings-Bring us Rain not a Flood
There is a whole other universe in the carafe of water on the table which we cannot see.

awaiting angels awaiting angelsawaiting angelsawaiting angels

Dimensions: 30 in. by 40 in.
Status: Available
Under the Desert Sky Awaiting Angels
I have started reading the book "Rebbe" by Joseph Teluskin, for a dose of true Jewish mysticism and its practical application.

sheltered in the desert
winged lion

Dimensions: 30 in. by 48 in.
Status: Available
Sheltered in the Desert with a Winged Lion
I am listening to the Great Courses lecture series the Beginnings of Judaism by Professor Isaiah Gafni. Judaism has an amazingly long history full of interaction with the rest of the world. I imagine living in the caves of Kumran (not that I could survive without Amazon Prime) immersed in spirituality. The winged lion is a statue in Cyprus, but here he has the 10 commandments. The shattered vessel of the Kabbalah is also here.


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