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outline finished

Dimensions: 48 in. by 30 in.
Status: Available
Letting Go of Gravity
I am trying to paint slower, so this one took 2 months to paint. It is part of my New Year's Resolutions: (1) Listen to more classical music --Done-- car radio preset changed to 91.5 FM; (2) Waste less time online--Done--Facebook and snarky fashion website removed from browser's shortcut toolbar; and (3) Let Loose of Gravity--open to more interpretation and philosophy--still a work-in-progress.

ezra ezra

Dimensions: 24 in. by 30 in.
Status: Unavailable
Ezra at the Beach
For the precious new family.

go go

Dimensions: 24 in. by 36 in.
Status: Available
Go For Yourself
Go for yourself from this land to a land I will show you. From Abraham's story in Genesis. The world is full of signs that we do not see because we are not looking. This was originally done in 2012, but only finished in 2014.

war war

Dimensions: 24 in. by 24 in.
Status: Unavailable
Where is the end of war we were promised?
Based on current events of Summer, 2014 and the Great Courses series on Archaelology of the Holy Land.

dancing with blue angel

Dimensions: 24 in. by 36 in.
Status: Unvailable
Dancing with a Blue Angel on the Shore of the Sea
My ascent into Mysticism.


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